Our story of Waste management
Driven by the passion to create sustainable solutions and relationships that carry an environmental  impact.
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Peats Soil developed the BiobiN™ in response to the growing need to recycle the large amounts of organic and wet materials being sent to landfill. The BiobiN™ provides a cost-effective and sustainable solution for organic waste generated from a variety of facilities around the world.

Brought to SA in 2017 and trialled at a few sites, started rolling out in 2018

BiobiN™ is providing a solution for organic and wet materials in Australiasia, North America, Middle East, Japan, China and India.

Why Choose Us

BiobiN™ will address most of the issues around food waste like flies, rodents, odours and most importantly, divert food waste away from landfill sites

Client-based Solution

Each clients needs differ, so we focus on a client solution approach.


Avoid the learning curve. Our BiobiN™ team have been working in the waste management industry for eons.

Proven system

BiobiN™ has already established its cost effective, environmentally friendly benefits worldwide.

Leading the Way

Driven by a passion for sustainable business and the environment. Our team is leading the way in managing organic waste.

Julien Rambert
Zoë Rozar
Irfan Nunkoo
The journey to great waste management
Our Approach

Be an innovative solution for the diverting of food and organic materials from landfill and disposal of contaminated meat or farm animal mortalities

Our Philosophy
Find commercially viable solutions for waste management that are environmentally friendly
Efficient & Effective worldwide
Save time, Save money and Save the environment. Get in touch so that you can enjoy the  benefits of the BiobiN™ system.